Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ancient Egypt Expedition.

We finished our spring expedition (basically really long unit that we do at Doulos). Spring semester topic: ANCIENT EGYPT. Here are some photos from our 7 weeks! 

Making Egyptian jewelry with paper and magazines:

[Daniel and Andersen]

[Cristina always sticks her tongue out when she works!]

[Our Egyptian pose with our Egyptian jewelry]

Writing our non-fiction research papers. I was beyond impressed with how they did with this! 

[Carlos coloring his final copy. He likes to stick out his tongue too. May be it makes you think better, and I didn't get the memo.]

[Amanda and Brian]

For expedition night we made a model of a pyramid out of boxes. Then painted it. With mud. I have to admit, the kid in me REALLY loved it.  The teacher in me saw mud on the walls. I was a kid that day. 
[Our pyramid ready to paint.]

[We had some help! Mrs. Kerrie, the art teacher, and Josh, a guy from the work team that comes every year before expeditions to help up from Mosaic church in Ohio. Couldn't have done it without them.]

[What a radient smile from Abigail.]

[I got a little mud on my pants that day. They now have splattered paint and splattered mud. They will now be my '3rd grade pants.']

[Cristina looks less than thrilled.]

[The finished product. Doesn't it look like the real thing? ha.]

I will leave you with a final picture that has nothing to do with expeditions. But it might go down for my favorite picture of a student. Andersen was just enjoying a delicious cupcake from Elena's birthday, and ended up with a dirty 'stache. Classic Andersen. 

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